Town Hall Rental

Rentals call Joyce at (608) 339-3980 or (608) 403-1491

Please check  the calendar for availability.

Building Rules


No Alcohol without an agreement with the Town Board


The hall seats 55 (has that many chairs)

  • Unlock front & side doors & lock them before you leave.
  • Help us conserve energy & keep our building clean.  There may be someone else renting the hall before the cleaning lady comes in. Leave it in as good of shape as when you came.
  • Turn up the digital thermostat (the only one that works) & down when you leave.  In the summer, it’s the reverse.
  • When you’re done, wipe up any spills, sweep the floor, wipe down tables & clean up kitchen.  There are cleaning supplies in utility room.
  • Prop open bathroom doors, unplug refrigerator & prop open its doors, unplug any appliance you may have used, turn off the lights & fans, lock the doors and take care of garbage.  Return the key within 24 hours.

Report any damage to:

Joyce Jefferson
1900 13th Drive
Friendship, WI 53934
(608) 339-3980


James Bays
2150 8th Drive
Adams, WI 53910
(608) 339-6004

Hall rent is $50.00 for non-township residents and $25.00 for township residents — payable when you pick up the key.

We request a $50.00 refundable fee in case the hall is not cleaned up after your event.  It will be returned to you within 10 business days.

Thank you for your cooperation.