Town Hall Rental

Rentals call Miranda at (608)339-9607


Hope at (608)474-1945

Please check  the calendar for availability.

Building Rules


No Alcohol without an agreement with the Town Board

  • The Town Hall of the Town of Adams, located at 1980 11th Avenue, Friendship, WI  53934, shall be available for use by private groups or nonprofit groups for purpose of social, governmental, or educational meetings or events upon the following terms and conditions approved by the Town Board:
    1. No use of the Town Hall shall be scheduled or permitted which will conflict with any governmental activity of the Town of Adams. Scheduling shall be on a first come, first served basis, upon filing a completed application form and compliance with any other requirements of the Town.
    2. Rental fee for the Town Hall is $50.00 for non-residents, and $25.00 for residents of the Town.  Non-profit groups shall be exempt from rental fees. A $50.00 deposit is required for all rentals, to be used for repairing damage, or clean-up of excessive mess.  Rental fee and deposit are due at the time the key is picked up.  Upon final inspection, deposits will be returned to the address indicated on the application, usually within ten (10) business days, unless you are notified otherwise.
    3. The area of the Town Hall permitted to be used shall include the large gathering room in the Town Hall (hereinafter “Big Hall”), kitchen area, and restrooms.  Storage areas and Town Employee Office areas shall be unavailable for use.
      1. Deviation from above-referenced area restrictions shall require Town Board approval through a special request in writing.
    4. An Application for Use of the Town Hall, shall be completed and signed by the responsible party from the user group and submitted to the Town Clerk prior to the date of requested use, unless waived by the Town Board.
    5. The applicant shall abide by all state laws and by all rules and regulations established by the Town for the use of the Town Hall including, but not limited to, unlocking front and side doors during the event, and locking before leaving, maximum persons capacity limit of 80 persons, fire safety regulations and all parking regulations. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain any necessary permits or licenses required. It is understood that any Town of Adams employee or agent has the right to enter the premises at any time.
    6. No Alcohol may be used without prior approval by the Town Board.  Smoking is prohibited.
    7. No changes to the physical appearance of the town hall shall take place without approval of the Town Board. Tape should not be applied to walls or ceilings unless it can be fully removed when the activity concludes. No decorations shall be hung from light fixtures.
    8. Follow the directions on the digital thermostat (turn up during event and down when the event concludes in winter, and reverse in summer).
    9. The user group is responsible for leaving the space used in the Town Hall in the same order as at the beginning of the use and suitable for immediate use by the next group. This includes cleaning up any messes, wiping down tables and returning tables and chairs to the original position they were in when users arrived.  Cleaning supplies are in the utility room.  The user group agrees to pay additional fees for damages or extra time required to clean and restore facilities through the deposit.  Users shall prop open bathroom doors, unplug appliances and prop open the doors, turn off lights and fans, and take care of garbage.  Return keys within 24 hours. 
    10. The Town Board reserves the right to reject the use by any group for use that is in conflict with these Rules & Regulations.
    11. The Town shall not be liable for any injuries, death or property damage arising out of the use of the above described facilities, and user agrees to hold the Town harmless. The Town is not responsible for any articles left, lost or stolen on the premises.


Report any damage to:

Hope Eggersdorf
(608) 474-1945


Miranda Christensen
(608) 339-9607

Hall rent is $50.00 for non-township residents and $25.00 for township residents — payable when you pick up the key.

We require a $50.00 refundable fee in case the hall is not cleaned up after your event.  It will be returned to you within 10 business days if there are no damages or extra cleaning fees.

The hall has chairs to seat 55 people.


Thank you for your cooperation.